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Choosing the Best Domain Name for Your Business

Posted by: Amira Bird

June 26, 2020

With any new website, it all starts with choosing the best domain name. What’s the point of having a beautiful new website if no one can find it online or remember what the URL is?  

As we can see, choosing the best domain name for your business isn?t a small task. With proper thought and consideration, your domain name can: 

  • Give your website authority 
  • Establish brand identity, and 
  • Make your business easy to find online. 

How can you ensure you choose the best domain name for your business? We’ve compiled some tips to point you in the right direction (and some things to avoid).  

Our top tips for choosing the best domain name are:  

  1. Make sure it’s easy to type 
  2. Keep it short, make it memorable 
  3. Use keywords 
  4. Consider your audience 
  5. Do some background research 

Make Sure it’s Easy to Type 

Having an easy to type domain name is crucial for being found online. Try to avoid slang, colloquialisms or words with multiple spellings. Unless your brand is successful and known for this, it’ll make it quite difficult for customers to find your site. Another aspect of this is avoiding numbers, symbols and hyphens. These will not only make your domain messy but are harder to remember and type on all devices. By having a straightforward name, you’re helping your user easily understand and commit your domain name to memory. 

Keep it Short, Make it Memorable 

All of the most popular Australian websites have one thing in common, short and sweet domain names. Not only does it make them easy to remember but they’re easy to type as well! Beyond memorability, having a shorter domain name provides your user with a better experience. Rather than needing to google your website, a user can recall your domain name and type the URL directly into their browser. 

Use Keywords 

Using keywords in your domain is a great way to make your website rank better for relevant searches. By using words that describe your business or the services that you offer, you’re more likely to show up for searches for these. However, keep in mind that you still want your domain to be short and simple.

Consider Your Audience 

Slightly similar to keywords, think about your audience and where they are. If your business operates in a local area, consider including that in your domain name. This will also help you appear in area-specific searches on Google. 

Do Some Background Research 

It’s important to at least search the domain name you’d like. Make sure it hasn’t been trademarked or copyrighted by another company. You don’t want to be walking into a legal nightmare!  

Choosing the best domain name

Things to Avoid When Choosing a Domain Name 

While we’re at it, there are a couple of things you should avoid:  

  1. Leave out hyphens and numbers – they’re messy and hard to remember.  
  2. Don’t make it too long – this will be harder to remember and type in.  
  3. Avoid trendy buzzwords – these won’t give you the longevity you need in a domain name.  
  4. Type it out before committing – there is nothing worse than having IT Scrap become  

I’ve Chosen My Domain Name, What’s Next?  

Now that you’ve chosen your domain name, it’s time to pick the right extension. If you’re operating in Australia, you might want to consider a .au domain, otherwise, you can check domain name availability with our domain name checker.

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