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How a Managed IT Service Provider Can Transform your Business

Posted by: Amira Bird

January 23, 2021

Where IT support has traditionally been a bill by the hour service, Managed IT Service Providers offer a subscription model which gives your business unlimited IT support for a flat monthly fee. Not only does this allow for better budgeting, but you’ll also receive a better service from your Managed Service Provider. While previously, some IT support companies profited from your systems need support or repair, a Managed IT Service Provider will provide a proactive service that minimises problems. 


As a Managed IT Service Provider, Sydney ICT is able to provide you with ongoing support as well as preventative measures as part of our managed IT services plans 


However, if you still aren’t quite sure if a Managed IT Service Provider would be right for your business, we’ve put together a guide to help you. Find out:  


What is a Managed IT Service Provider? 


What do managed services include? 


Why are managed IT services important for businesses? 


How to choose the right Managed IT Service Provider for your business 


How much do managed services cost? 



What is a Managed IT Service Provider?  


A Managed Service Provider, or MSP, is a company that remotely manages a customer’s IT system under a subscription model. With a flat monthly rate for unlimited IT support, managed IT services proactively monitor and manage your IT infrastructure and end-user systems. This is primarily done remotely and ensures that your business has minimal downtime, if any, for your technology.  


What do managed services include? 


Different Managed Service Providers will focus on different aspects of IT such as data storage, security and more. Here at Sydney ICT, we include security auditing, technology planning, licensing management, general IT support, 24×7 monitoring and end-point security as part of our gold package. However, we also understand that your business may have unique needs and we can discuss and customise a package that will suit you.  




Why are managed IT services important for businesses? 


There are a few reasons why managed IT services are important, especially for small to medium enterprises.  


  1. Peace of mind: It’s next to impossible to become an IT expert while also running your business. Having a Managed IT Service Provider by your side and taking care of all your IT needs gives you 1 less thing to worry about and more time to focus on what you do best.  


  1. Proactive support: Managed Service Providers focus on providing proactive support. Not only does this make it easier for them, but it will mean you have fewer things that need constant fixing. Instead, problems will be identified and resolved before you even know about it.  


  1. Strategic future planning: As part of a proactive approach, service providers will help you think about what IT systems you may need in 1 or 2 years. This advice will ensure your infrastructure and software is kept up to date and minimises risks such as downtime, viruses or crashes.   


  1. Access to an entire IT team: When you outsource your IT, you don’t just have access to day-to-day IT support, you’ll also have an IT Manager and various technicians at your disposal.  


Who are Managed Service Providers for?  


Small to medium-sized businesses tend to benefit most from managed IT services as they typically have limited in-house IT capabilities. However, larger enterprises may also benefit from managed services if they face budget pressures or hiring limitations. Managed IT Service Providers are able to supplement in-house IT staff and let them focus on tasks other than the day-to-day monitoring.   





How to choose the right Managed IT Service Provider for your business


It?s important to find the right Managed Service Provider for your business. They not only need to meet the IT needs of your business but they need to have you full trust as well. It’s likely in this modern era that your business heavily relies on the technology at your disposal. You need to choose an IT team that you can trust to keep all of your infrastructure and software in working condition.  


What makes a good Managed Service Provider? 


There are a few qualities that a high-quality Managed IT Service Provider will have. 


They take the time to find out about your business 


If a Managed Service Provider only delivers a one-size-fits-all solution, run!  


Every business is unique and they won’t be able to design a solution that works for you if they don’t take the time to find out about you and your business. If they ask probing questions about your needs and goals, it shows that they want to craft a solution that will improve your business. 


They have extensive skills beyond repairing hardware 


When it comes to proactive support, you’ll need an IT team that know how to do more than just fix broken equipment. Instead, you should look out for a team that can troubleshoot operating systems and identify issues before they become a problem for you. To proactively maintain your entire network of infrastructure and software, a Managed Service Provider will need years of experience and a depth of knowledge.


They offer 24/7 monitoring and support 


A good MSP will be monitoring your systems and resolving issues at any time of day, week or year. Besides, part of unlimited support, is that the support is available to you no matter what.


They offer support no matter the device type or brand


Chances are your business doesn’t just use 1 type of technology or a single brand. You may have some workers that need laptops or mobiles for field work, or some staff members may need some heavy-duty computers. A good Managed IT Service Provider will understand this and be prepared to work with a range of devices and a range of software from a number of brands.  


They have a proactive approach 


While a proactive approach seems to benefit both you and an MSP, some IT companies are stuck in their ways and will only offer reactive issue resolution. You’ll typically only see these companies when something goes wrong and they won?t consider the bigger picture or take the right steps to prevent issues from arising.  


You’ll want to make sure that the Managed Service Provider you choose offers proactive measures to minimise downtime, data loss and disruption. They should also have the capability to work with modern systems to detect issues early and enable scalability as you grow.  



How much do managed IT services cost?


Managed IT Services can have a number of pricing strategies from a per-user model to a value-based pricing model. At Sydney ICT, we want to ensure that you have all the support you may need. So, we have opted for a fixed monthly cost per device. This means you can have as many or as little devices managed as you may need but without any surprise costs for emergency repairs.




If you have any questions about our Managed IT Services, feel free to reach out to our team and we will be more than happy to help.  




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