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Bringing it all Together; The Solution that Helped Launchcap Blast Off!

Posted by: Amira Bird

November 20, 2020



7 user accounts 

Cloud access

Easy to use, cloud-based software suite 


Global collaboration 


Launchcap are a commercial loans company, providing capital to Australian businesses and entrepreneurs. Since 2018, they’ve been reshaping how Australian businesses can get access to funds that are fast, simple and reliable.  

As Launchcap are invested in a business’s growth, they offer a personalised service that is not only tailored to a business’s needs now, but for the future as well.  


The Problem

Launchcap were utilising a large number of different systems for each component of their business. Included in the many systems they were using were Dropbox for cloud storage, Trello for project management, Slack for team communication and Gmail for their emails.  

Not only did this mean they had numerous links and logins to stay on top of, it also meant that none of the platforms were integrated or communicated with each other, often causing duplication of work. 

The Solution 

Our automatic suggestion for this rather common issue is Office 365. It brings together all the different software requirements a business typically requires into one software suite. While it has separate applications for communication, planning, emails and storage, these are integrated with one another to ensure a smooth and productive workflow.  

To ensure that Launchcap had minimal downtime while they moved to Office 365, we utilised the SkyKick migration suite. This meant that all of their old emails and data were ready for them in Office 365 and they didn?t have to wait hours for a manual migration.  

The Results 

As Launchcap is a highly mobile company with staff around the globe, they have relished the flexibility of the integrated, cloud-based applications that the Office 365 suite offers. It’s not only improved their collaboration but it also allows them to manage their team accounts from a central location.  

Launchcap have been particularly excited about the added collaborative ability Microsoft Teams and SharePoint allow for their business.  

Office 365 is a scalable solution for improving business workflow, communication and collaboration. And, by choosing Sydney ICT as your service provider, you can enjoy a seamless migration and lean on our experts for any training, support or queries you may have. We’ll be with you every step of the way.  


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