Mitigating Ongoing Cyber Attacks by Moving to a Proactive Endpoint Security Solution

Posted by: Amira Bird

October 25, 2023

Cyber security is crucial for a business. A strong cyber security solution protects sensitive data and business operations to ensure you can maintain client trust and run your business smoothly.  

On Rail Industries approached us following a malicious cyber-attack. By moving swiftly, we were able to isolate the attack, minimise risk and set up a proactive endpoint security solution to prevent future attacks.  


On Rail Industries

On Rail Endpoint Security SolutionOn Rail Industries is a trusted resleepering company providing skilled labour, plant & equipment hire, site supervision and project management to the NSW Rail Industry.  

As a leading provider in the rail industry, On Rail Industries is the go-to company for bog hole removals, undercutting, drainage works and all aspects within the rail and civil industries. 


The Problem

On Rail Industries came to us after their accounts became compromised through a malicious attack. With multiple endpoints in their business, tablets and mobiles for example, the risk of attacks increases.  

Considering the importance of their business data, they knew they needed a swift resolution to the cyber-attack and a robust solution to prevent future attempts.  


The Solution

Before we could implement a long-term solution, the first thing we needed to do was deal with the current attack. With compromised accounts, hackers gain access to credentials so they can access systems using their targeted user’s accounts.  

We immediately locked down all of On Rail Industries accounts to minimise the hackers reach and then conducted a full security sweep on all accounts and devices. Once we were certain that the compromise had been mitigated, we could turn our attention to implementing an endpoint security solution. 

The first step was to ensure that multi-factor authentication was rolled out across all accounts. Following this, we deployed an enterprise endpoint security solution. Partnering with Bitdefender, our end-point security solution is designed to quickly detect, analyse, block and contain attacks. It does this by examining all files as they enter the network through any connected device, from desktop computers to laptops or even smart watches.  


The Results

By acting swiftly, the Sydney ICT team were able to minimise the damage caused by the malicious attack. And, by implementing an enterprise-level endpoint security solution, On Rail Industries can enjoy peace of mind knowing their business devices are protected by the highest level of device security available. 

“Just in the last 30 days our endpoint protection has triaged and mitigated 43 attacks.” 

– Kale Bullen, Sydney ICT 

Due to the nature of the work On Rail Industries does, they are a high target business for phishing and malware attacks. Sydney ICT have been able to detect, monitor and mitigate these attacks before they can become a problem for On Rail Industries. 


Most hackers target endpoint devices as they are often the easiest way to breach a company network. By setting up endpoint security, malware and cyber-attacks face added security and barriers to entry making it much harder for hackers to access your data.  

While training your staff on security best practices and implementing MFA will go a long way, you never know when a phishing email will sneak into staff inboxes.  

Give us a call and let’s chat about what security solution will best suit your business.  

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