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Bending HubSpot to Raymax Laser’s Will via a Custom Integration App by Sydney ICT

Posted by: Amira Bird

October 20, 2023

Most business software systems have been developed with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. However, at best this means one-size-fits-most. With unique business operations and requirements, Raymax Lasers found they needed a custom development app added to HubSpot in order to keep their business running smoothly. 

Raymax Lasers

Since 1992, Raymax Lasers has connected those working in science, manufacturing, and industry with precise and sophisticated lasers to achieve their goals. They provide custom laser solutions for businesses across a wide range of sectors including The Reserve Bank of Australia, Coca Cola, Carlton United Breweries, Hardy’s, Masterfoods, Fisher and Paykel, Telstra, Pfizer Health Care, and more. 


The Problem

For a long time, Raymax Lasers had used their own manual system to log and quote new jobs and manage them through to completion. Knowing this manual process limited their business, they made the decision to automate this process using HubSpot.  

Like most business software systems, HubSpot is an out-of-the-box solution which means it’s not particularly flexible or extensively customisable. For Raymax Lasers, this meant they would need to crowbar their business processes into the structure imposed by HubSpot. 

In this instance, Raymax wanted to maintain their own job IDs within HubSpot Deals. It may be easy enough to create a custom field in HubSpot, however there is no way to program an algorithm to construct the ID – even though it is just a simple integer that increments by one for each new Deal created. Not complex, but not possible within HubSpot itself.  

Realising they had reached a dead end in-house, Raymax came to Sydney ICT for a solution. 


The Solution

While there is no macro or programming ability within HubSpot itself, they do provide an extensive and well documented API (application programming interface) that allows third-party applications to be developed and intimately integrated with HubSpot’s objects and functions.  

Sydney ICT developed an app, which runs as a background process on a server in the Cloud, that regularly polls Raymax’s HubSpot account looking for new Deals. For each new Deal found, the integration app runs a function to generate the next integer ID and insert it into a custom Deal field. 


The Results

As this solution is fully automated, Raymax Lasers staff members aren’t required to do anything. They simply create a new Deal in HubSpot and – just like that – the required ID is generated and simply appears in the relevant field. 

“The Raymax /HubSpot integration app has been running for over 2 years now – without intervention or fault. It simply runs… and runs.”  

– Gregg Wright, Head of Development at Sydney ICT 


If, like Raymax Lasers, you’re looking to bend rigid applications to your will – or would like to create a new custom application or enhance the functionality of an existing system – give us a call. We’ll design and implement a successful solution tailored to your business needs.

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