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From Manual to Automated; How Sydney ICT Helped Essential Handover Solutions Increase Their Productivity

Posted by: Amira Bird

June 06, 2020

“I can confidently say that time would be the biggest saving, which means my business makes more money.” 

Ken Fleischner, Director at Essential Handover Solutions

Simple, east to use client portal

Automated task allocation

Centralised project management

Essential Handover Solutions 


Essential Handover Solutions are an Australian owned and run business that specialises in quality and professional handover creation. They ensure all the paperwork is in place for a smooth transition from project manager to client.  

Essential Handover Solutions have over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry and offer services that include training field staff, creating comprehensive handover documents and conducting site visits.  

The Problem

Operating a manual system for all their work meant that Essential Handover Solutions were having trouble keeping track of everything.  

“Excel sheets, emails, post it notes, a notebook, my phone. My main frustrations were the lack of transparency, no cohesiveness; it was a nightmare to keep track of what?s going on and it became a bottle neck in business productivity.” 

The Solution

After seeing how they operated, Kale Bullen, our CEO, suggested the issue and project tracking software, Jira. Essentially, we created a portal in which clients could log in and submit information in one central location. This meant that the Essential Handover Solutions team had one place to track their projects rather than having to scour through their emails or chase up progress with colleagues.   

In order to make this software the best solution for Essential Handover Solutions, we customised the platform. The main component of this customisation was to create a self-service portal where their clients could login and book jobs themselves. This is fully integrated with the main platform, meaning that these would then sync to the internal part of Jira, where staff could work on the projects, and then it would sync back to the client portal.  

Another element that we developed within Jira was to add in a leader board. This meant that Essential Handover Solutions could add some friendly competition into their workday. Displayed on a big screen, the leader board lets the Essential Handover Solutions team compete to see who can close the most tickets each day. 

As part of the integration of this software, we also provided training for the teams on how to use and make the most of their new platform.  

The Results

Having a new system to get used to is always a point of change and learning, however Essential Handover Solutions embraced it wholeheartedly and were working more efficiently in a matter of weeks.  

“Moving from a manual system to an automated system definitely pushed us outside our comfort zone. But since we jumped in with both feet, we found that it was running relatively smooth after 2 weeks and within a month we had the same confidence we use to have with our manual system.” 

With the new system under their belt, Essential Handover Solutions have said the biggest benefit is the time they save.  

“I can confidently say that time would be the biggest saving… It allows me to focus on customer relationship, quality of work and gives me the time to run my business.”

One of the key features that has allowed them to save so much time is the automated allocation system. This feature keeps track of all the work that comes into the business and then distributes it automatically to the right staff member for that task.  

Having a system, such as Jira, allows businesses to manage their workload more efficiently. Staff members can easily pick up where a teammate left off with all their progress and information in one place. Tasks don’t fall through the cracks as they’re allocated to team members and are easily visible on a central dashboard.  

If your business workflow has reached capacity but you’re still working manually, an automated system may be the best solution for you. Rather than bring on more staff or simply limiting your growth, give us a call and let’s see how we can help improve your team’s productivity.  

“Sydney ICT doesn’t try to sell a product. They’re commitment to finding a solution that’ll work for your business for the long haul.” 

Ken Fleischner

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